The IQ Alarm Clock is no ordinary clock. The point behind the clocks design is to make sure its user is not continuing to hit the snooze button when they need to be out of bed and getting ready for their day. Rather than offering a single snooze button as most alarm clocks (smart phones), the alarm clock asks its user a question when it is time to wake up. When the alarm goes of, and a question is offered to its user, the clock gives multiple-choice questions with four optional answers using recognition rather than recall. Every time the user answers a question, the clock will snooze for its allotted time. Each time the alarm goes off, the questions become more difficult to answer. This may make the user unhappy, but the alarm clock will surely fulfill its task.

This design is a part of Human-Centered Design because the interface is designed around helping humans. The sole purpose of this new design is to get someone out of bed, and happens to do so very well. The user must also interact with the interface in order for the task to resolve, leaving the user with no more questions to answer.

People needed for this design:


-Clock maker

-Programmer-for the questions- also to make questions more difficult as time goes on.

-UX designer for interface attributes, look, and feel.

This is a project I believe I would enjoy following the completion of the HCC program. This design seems simple but can become very complex as more questions are answered. Working on a project such as the IQ Alarm Clock would fulfill my desire to design, and to also help people.


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