This weeks reading discussed the future of interaction design. The book discusses changes occurring in browsers as well as the semantic web. The semantic web is filled with what is called “intelligent agents”. These agents have a primary job of doing all of the things that may be to complex or time consuming for human to do. These operations could include complex calculations as well as sorting user photos from a photo stream. These intelligent agents would have their own language meaning that there will be web pages that are readable to these intelligent agents offering them direction.

This chapter also discusses ubiquitous computing. Computers are everywhere we go and their numbers will only continue to grow. There are ideas in the text discussing computers in our homes as well as in our clothing. Some concepts for wearable technology includes technical filled clothing that can determine the weather and offer information just as a smart phone would.

This chapter also discusses the concerns with all of the new ubiquitous operating systems. Homes may soon be able to determine the desired room temperature, lighting, music, and scent just from a users clothing color. Although this idea may be fascinating, it is also stateless meaning that there is no undo button. It is much easier to click the undo button on a computer software program but this is not something that can be done so easily when a system is constantly changing to what it believes its users desires are.


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