I believe that the future of HCC cannot be seen when only observing one specific design, but I do believe that the future of HCC is all around us. One design that can be seen in its advancing is the car. Rinspeed has created a vehicle that was shown at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show called the XchangE. This car looks like a sports car on the outside and is a self-driving concept on the inside. Each seat was made to simulate the seats on an airline, which drastically improves the comfort of the user. The interior design of the car was created by a company whose main purpose is to create prosthetic limbs. Because the cars interior was made from individuals who are experts of the human body and how the body moves, they were able to implement a number of new seat settings, allowing passengers of the car to prop their feet up and turn their bodies completely around with comfort and ease. The new concept car also comes with a new “steer by wire” system that allows for the car to be turned when the wheel is pushed right or left rather than being turned right or left. There is no mechanical linkage within the steering wheel design. Lastly, the car offers a total of four screens with built in 4G. The car also has a dock for a tablet and can be used to make conference video calls right from the inside of the car.



Rinspeed’s concept car is just an example of the future of HCC. It shows how we can combine office supplies, comfortable lighting, ease in seat adjustment, entertainment, and relaxation all in a 4-door sedan. The possibilities are endless in creating these new designs and I am curious to see what the 2015 Motor Show brings to the table.


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