The change it wall is a wall built from triangle pieces. These Pieces are strung side-by-side so that the viewer only sees one side of each triangle. These sides form a wall that can be manipulated. The colors on the different sides of the triangles can by turned forward to create different images or designs desired by the user. The wall can switch from rainbow colors to an all black or white theme.


This wall of art is related to Human-Centered Computing because it is a group of objects strung together that can be manipulated by its user to create a certain outcome. Without a user to manipulate the wall, there would be no purpose in the wall being created the way that it is.


Skills used to create this work:


  • Home model/designer
  • System analyst
  • Graphic designing
  • Designer to put structure together


I really enjoy the idea of being able to manipulate the wall/walls in the house depending on an individual’s mood. I would definitely enjoy creating products such as this unique wall after graduating from the HCC program.


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