This week, I would like to discuss the floor plan light switch. This switch is the answer to the problem of never knowing which switch belongs to which light or fan. Rather than the switch being a regular toggle switch, the switch is actually a layout of the home it is being used in. the switch gives its user a birds eye view of their home right on the wall. It shows every room that has a light that can be manipulated. This allows the user to know which switch belongs to which room, and what lights are on and off in the house.

This new device is relevant to HCC because it is a device physically manipulated by its user. The device also allows the user to gain feedback and better understand what switch does what. The device also lets you know what lights are already on.

Skills used to create this device:

Electrical engineer

Graphic designer

Construction architect


This design will change the way people interact with the lights in their homes. This new interaction will hopefully save energy and help users take less time to finish a simple task such as turning a light off. I would be very interested in working on a project similar to this once I graduate from the HCC program.


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