The self-sterilizing door handle is exactly what it sounds like. When the door handle is not being used, it actually cleans itself off. The door handle contains a UV light inside of its metal casing. The handle is able to sense when it is being used. When the handle isn’t being used, the UV light is turned on, killing any germs that may remain from the handles past users. Once the handle detects movement, the UV light is turned off only to turn back on when there is a lack of movement.

The door handle is relevant to HCI because it requires human interaction to work as intended. The entire reason the design was created was to help people lessen their chances of becoming sick. The handle is also a part of HCI because it is interpreted by its user through sight and touch.

People needed to create this design:

Ergonomics (for having a comfortable and easy to use handle)

Construction engineer


Experts in lighting

I enjoyed reading about this design because it is simple, yet can have a huge impact on peoples lives. I would definitely be interested in working on project such as the UV handle after I have completed the HCC program.


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