The moticon insole is a shoe insole with 13 built in motion sensors. The insole can be worn in any shoe and allows its user to identify a number of features regarding foot placement and pressure. The insole connects to a computer via usb and allows its user to better understand how they are moving. Originally, the product was designed to give skiers real time audio coaching for foot placement in order to better their skiing capabilities. The insoles also come with a temperature gage and can record up to four days of data for its user. Designers also realized the impact this device can have on physical therapy.


This device is relevant to Human-Centered Computing because it is a wearable piece of technology. The insole also gives real time feedback to its user allowing the individual to generate a better performance. The design enables the user to receive visual feedback on a computer and also real-time audio feedback, helping the user to adjust movements immediately.


Skills needed for this design.


–       Podiatrist

–       Electrical engineer

–       Software technician

–       Personal trainer

–       Ergonomics


This article was very interesting to me because of all of the new wearable technology that has recently come out. What I believe is most fascinating about this product is how it will help individuals in physical therapy. I would definitely be interested in working on a product such as this when I finish this course.


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