The JBL LSR4328P Pak is a pair of studio monitors used for listening back to recorded audio. These speakers are generally used with computer software such as Pro Tools for recording music. An issue that many producers have in the studio is getting a clear and transparent sound from their monitors helping to identify which frequencies are on each individual audio track. What is interesting about these monitors is that the room the monitors are in is just as important as the monitors themselves. When listening to music in one room, the same music may sound very different in another room. This is because different audio frequencies bounce off of walls and even become stuck in corners of rooms. It is common for bass frequencies to get stuck in the corners of a room. This is an issue because the audio engineer will not gain an accurate presentation of the music. The JBL monitors come with a special sensor that measures the room they are being used in. The Monitors then adjust their audio output to give the producer/user the same accurate sound in each room they record in.

The JBL monitors are relevant to Human-Centered Computing because they can be programmed and adjusted by the user to get a particular yet constant sound no matter where the speakers are used. The user also has control over volume level and cutting out high/low frequencies as needed at the turn of a knob.

Skills needed for this work:

Audio engineer

Sound technician/electrical engineer

Speaker designer

I would be very interested in working on a project such as these new JBL speakers. Audio production has been an ongoing hobby of mine and I find new technology for audio engineers to be fascinating.

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